The classic SNES racer makes its way to the Wii's Virtual Console; and at just 800 Wii Points, it's worth checking out.

User Rating: 8.3 | F-Zero SNES
With the release of the new Nintendo Wii, I'm sure just about everyone is busy playing their copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess or kicking their friend's butt in Wii Sports. With the awesome new Wii games coming out, it's easy to forget that the Wii has other cool features, such as the Virtual Console. One of the best games currently available to purchase on the VC is F-Zero. F-Zero was a futuristic racing game that came out for the SNES. Because of it's blinding speed (well, it seemed really fast at the time) and catchy music, F-Zero became an instant hit on the SNES. Even today in good ol' 2006 F-Zero still looks and sounds pretty cool. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are cool and colorful, and the music is crazy good. So why did I give this game the score I gave it? Simple. The lack of multiplayer really sucks. Even back when F-Zero was first released people thought the game would have been much more fun with some multiplayer features. Even with the lack of multiplayer, F-Zero is still probably the best game available for purchase on the Virtual Console (at least for now). It's a fun game to play if you need a break from saving Hyrule or making the ugliest Mii character possible (I love doing that :)). Not to mention you can get this awesome game at only 800 Wii Points (which transfers to about $8). I love this game and I think many other people will too.