The famous SNES futuristic racing game is back and still holds up very well even as of today.

User Rating: 9 | F-Zero SNES
F-Zero is a racing game composed of 15 different tracks. Some of the tracks are Mute City I and II, and Big Blue I and II. You get 4 different racecars to choose from, each having advantages and disadvantages concerning accelerating, turning on curves, and even the boost on the start of the race.

There is a Records display, showing the top 10 fastest times for each race you complete and the car you used with it. There are 3 different leagues, each with 5 race tracks- the Knight, Queen, and King League. There are even 3 different modes of difficullty- Easy, Standard, and Hard.

The racing is wicked fast. Often times you'll go over 400 km/hr. After each lap, you get a turbo boost that you can activate at any time you want. You can hold up to 3 of these. There are lots of obstacles in the course such as sharp turns, magnetic rails, even explosives. On the plus side, there are healing stations which repair your vehicle on taking damage. Your F-Zero racer can crash and explode, so be careful not to run into other vehicles and the sides of the road. Your F-Zero racer can even drift along curves if you're good at it.

You know, the only problem that you will most likely encounter is against the other 3 vehicles that you can select from before the race. All the other cars are slower and therefore you'll often overlap them resulting them as to being just obstacles on the road.

Moving on to graphics, this game looks fantastic and I would imagine really hard to make it work. There are cities and builings in the background. The racers all look really great. It's all a blur going really fast along the roads just like it should be. For sound, there are some really awesome sound tracks to listen to. You hear the vehicles revving up and speeding. You'll hear the crashes of your car. However, you don't hear any of the other vehicles but yours. But overall, it's good.

There biggest problem in the game is the lack of multiplayer You'll be at the tracks several times going through over and over, but no multiplayer really hurts this game. The game is only $8. However, you might want to think twice before owning it. If you don't care that the game comes with no multiplayer of any kind and like racing games, this is a no brainer. So if you have no problem with that, go ahead and download it.