This new installment to the Evil Dead series is the best Evil Dead game to date.

User Rating: 8.1 | Evil Dead: Regeneration XBOX
This game introduces many great weapons combos using both weapons in Ash’s hands. There are three different weapons for each arm; in his handless arm there is a chainsaw, which you get an upgraded super chainsaw to replace, a flamethrower, and a grappling hook gun. On the other arm you get a handgun, a rocket gun which shoots rockets into the enemy and stick out of the middle of them then blows up, and of course Ash’s trusty double barrel shotgun. You can change into Evil Ash which has it’s own set of animations and special abilities for destroying piles of enemies.

In the previous game you didn’t need to replenish gas for your chainsaw and in this game in addition to that change you don’t need to worry about ammo either because it is limitless! This makes the game perfect and really helps create the goofy Evil Dead style were real world gun reloads and time between shots doesn’t apply. Instead they create difficulty challenges in piles of enemies and unique gameplay elements. Also introduced into this game is Ash’s sidekick Sam, who is a half deadite midget who you must use and abuse to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. Also you have the option to either shoot the monsters to bits or press the one button finish and get a unique Evil Dead like finish.

This game looks great, and is a big graphical upgrade from the first. The games character models look good, especially Ash who looks amazing in cut scenes and in game. Some of the other character models don’t look as good but only noticeable in cut scenes were your seeing a close of view of the in game graphics. Ash and Sam both have great acting in their characters and do a great job doing facial expressions, which usually are used to create great comedy moments that are very Evil Dead style. Some of the in game animations can look a little off particularly in up close finishing scenes were Ash kills his enemies with a unique finish. The game also has many cool and good-looking environments to fight in.

This game has a great soundtrack with many different themes for the different worlds. The game has great Evil Dead style sound effects like goofy sounding enemies along with scary ones, also guns sound perfect and everything sounds like it belongs in the Evil Dead Universe. One of the best things about Regeneration is the voice acting, which is excellent and the game features perfect Evil Dead style dialog and really makes for some funny cut scenes and great in game banter between Ash and Sam.

The game is a budget title and is about six to eight hours long. So depending on what you expect from a $20.00 release title is up to you but I see this as average length for a budget game and maybe a little above because there is definitely replay value. The only negative to this game is a small glitch were sometimes Sam gets stuck in a warp were he is invisible and keeps dying and you can’t use him which is a problem for puzzles were you need him and can cause some replaying and frustration. Outside of that issue someone might be able to make a small case about a lack of more innovative missions because you do a lot of the same style stuff in the game a few times. Overall, I love this game, hate the one glitch, and it really does feel like Evil Dead. The game improved on every issue the first game had and has some nice features like unlock able Bruce Campbell interview segments, ability to replay any cut scene, and replay any stage when you want. This is a must for any Evil Dead fan.