This might look Retro but it's surely Cracking... try it you might like the simplicity behind this beautiful game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dungeons of Dredmor PC
Graphics aren't much but if you get to play a couple of minutes you'll find that's very addictive roleplaying. I also enjoyed the humor put into this game. If you take the time to read the items description, very originally put. Fighting is turn based like but in a free way. You get the ocasionaly side quests from srhines and you go trough levels like in the First Diablo. Also you got a wide range of iteresting skils to chose from. Music is very good too, not that annoying repetitive tune that goes over and over again. Another point I enjoyed was crafting and smithing you can do plenty of stuff even concoct potions for you or to use on enemies. you gather items like iron steel gold and such that you can use tu forge armor or weapons.

All in all you can easely pays this game for a couple of days guaranteed without boring yourself. And don't forget it'S an Indie game not a million dollar budged game.