A fun introduction to rogue-likes, which is beginner friendly but can scale difficulty according to tastes.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dungeons of Dredmor PC
Dungeons of Dredmore was my first rogue-like experience and it was a good introduction to the subgenre.

This game has very low system requirement and can probably be played on most netbooks. The low requirements do not compromise the visuals, and while they are not amazing, they are more than adequate and do not take anything away from the game.

Gameplay is pretty fun. It is a turn based game, so there is no sense of urgency to your clicking. It consists of roaming dungeon floors and progressing deeper and deeper into the dungeon by going down floors.

Enemies are comical, and range from personified carrots to thrusting monsters that will 'hump' you for damage.

There are many different skill trees available. Some of them are your expected skills, such as all the weapon masteries, shield mastery, magical skills, etc. Then there are more interesting ones such as Archaologist, and even some comical ones such as Vegan and Necronomiconomics.

Games are also scalable to your tastes. You can have smaller sized floors if you want to experience the game faster, where enemies give more XP to compensate. If you choose the normal sized dungeon, the game might last anywhere between 10 and 15 hours, however there is alot of replayability, because the experience is randomized.

One of the most fun encounters in the game is when you open up a monster zoo. It is a room that is literally packed with hundreds of monsters. The trick is to find a bottleneck so that the monsters can funnel into your attacks and be slaughtered en mass.

I would recommend this game to any fans of RPGs and dungeon crawlers. However, I would not necessarily recommend it to casual fans of rpg-action games such as Skyrim, because turn-based roguelikes are a different breed of game. I think this is the perfect game for gamers who are stuck with a non-gaming laptop, because that is a niche without too many new quality games, so those people would appreciate this game the most.