Not D&D, and not fun.

User Rating: 3 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale PC
The old school CRPGs are still my favorite games, so whenever a new title shows up I'm quick to buy. In this case I should have controlled my impulse.
This game has absolutely nothing to do with D&D in any way. First of all: One of the most interesting things with a CRPG is character creation and development. In this game there is none of that. You get to chose from a premade set of characters, none of which are particularly interesting.
Second: This is a hack & slash game and the developers state that clearly. But still, the hacking and slashing isn't fun or challenging, like in pure H&S games like Diablo or the old Dungeon Siege games. Monsters spawn out of nowhere. You kill them. You smash some barrels. It all feels completely pointless.
I could give a game like this a chance, try to forget the D&D logo and judge the game on its own merits. Unfortunately there are none. The controls are sluggish, the targeting is completely random, and you have to run around several loops just to collect a very obvious pile of gold on the floor.
The graphics are broken and some textures look like placeholders.
The sound is bland and repetitive.
The music is sometimes appropriate, but most of the time annoying.
In other words: If you like classic CRPGs - avoid this game like the plague. If you want a fun hack and slash-fest - avoid this game.