Horrible mess

User Rating: 4 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale PC
Being a fan of Dungeons & Dragons games, after I heard of this game I awaited for the release.
Now that it's released, I'm amazed at how wrong stuff could go.

The game is not available for digital download. I'm ok with that, as long as the game can be found in stores..
I searched every game store in my town, there's many of them. None of them had even heard of this game.
I waited, and just today, this game appeared in some torrent sites and warez forums. So I downloaded it to try it out, and let me tell you, it is HORRIBLE.

I played through the "tutorial" / intro and a bit of the first chapter, and right after un-installed the game from my computer.
Let's start with the combat, which was spoken so highly of by the developers. I tried the elven rogue (There's 4 character choices, no class/race customization at all). The combat? To do some melee, press Mouse 1 3 times in row to kill the mob. Keep spamming mouse 1. To do ranged, spam Mouse 2. In the tutorial, I didn't even realize how to use the skill that I got after choosing character, which apparently fears the enemies I shoot once I use the ability..

The difficulty? There's no choosing. It's 1 difficulty, and I don't know if it gets any harder later on, but it's probably the easiest game I've ever played. As ranged, spam mouse 2 3 times and the mob dies, or if it's harder mob, it gets to you, press space and it rolls away. Rinse and repeat until mob dies. The only time I got hit in my about hour of playing was when there was a ranged mob.

Audio? The music is absolutely horrible. Same repetitive tune (can't even call it music) all the time. There's no voice acting at all (don't know about later on but I doubt it) if you don't count the "mmhmm" "hmm" "aahh" the dwarfs do.

Some misc stuff. The game does not support nearly all resolutions. It did not support my 1680x1050, so I had to play the game on 1280x1020 or something.
The game is also buggy as hell. The first NPC I got to, bugged me out and didn't let me get away from his face. I had to alt f4 to get away from game and restart. Many of the mobs also chose to beat the wall with their sticks and swords, instead of me.

All in all, I can't recommend this to anyone. Dungeons & dragons has just taken a huge step backwards..