Stop laughing at me you stupid dog!

User Rating: 7.5 | Duck Hunt NES
*** DUCK HUNT ***


-Fun controls
-Second player can control the movement of the ducks


-Zapper sometimes doesn't always work correctly
-You can't shoot the dog


Duck Hunt is a fun game that makes good use of Nintendo's Zapper. You and your annoying dog can enjoy duck hunting and clay pigeon shooting in this game.


The game is a very simple game because you just aim the Zapper at your TV screen and shoot. There are three different types of games to choose from which are single duck hunting, two duck hunting and clay disc shooting. In single duck hunting you get three shots per duck and you have to shoot the duck before it gets away. If the duck does fly away, your dog will pop up and laugh at you. As you progress through the game the ducks get faster and your quota to complete the round increases. In two duck hunting, you pretty much do the same thing as single duck hunting but this time you have three shots to try and shoot two ducks which makes it more difficult. The clay disc shooting is like duck hunting only you have to shoot clay pigeons before they land on the ground in the distance.

The Zapper is really fun to use in Duck Hunt. It is a hand gun model with a trigger and aiming sights at the tip. The range on the Zapper is pretty good so if you really need a challenge you can just increase the distance between you and the TV. Sometimes the Zapper miss registers shots which can get a little frustrating but this doesn't happen too often. Now the second player can also play the game too. With the controller, the second player can change the direction of the ducks to make it even more difficult for the first player to take the ducks down. This adds some friendly competition to the game.


The graphics are good. It's just you, your annoying dog, a nice open field and some ducks.

All the sound effects from the "quacking" of the ducks to the gun shots are very good. You get a good feel for duck hunting from the sound.


Duck Hunt is a good game for the Nintendo and great for parties. This game is just a fun game with plenty of replay value. I just wish you could shoot that annoying dog.