Quack Quack Quack

User Rating: 9.7 | Duck Hunt NES
What's not to love with this game? It's a basic light gun game with just the right amount of everything to make it sweet. You get ducks, dog rustles up ducks, and you shoot them. You don't need anything flashy for this as it's basic premise is what actually gets you involved. The later levels with quicker ducks can drive you nutty with the limits of misses that you get. You can have a slower but easier time with one duck or up the challenge with two.

Now Skeet Shooting was just a mini-game in Vs. Duck Hunt but it's become an extra game by itself this time around which adds a lot of value. The difficulty here isn't as bad but it can be straining to hit those little sprites if they get too far away.

Vs. Duck Hunt allowed us to shoot the dog but sadly this time around we don't get that. :(