Duck Hunt is a great game and still is fun to pick up and play!

User Rating: 8.8 | Duck Hunt NES
Duck Hunt is a great game using the Light Gun controller. You aim at the screen with it and pull the trigger to shot the duck! Simple, barely. It seems that where you aim the controller the aim itself will work as if it has motion sensitivity like the Wii. Aiming at times can get pretty hard but it is still fun to play. When you miss a duck your dog will laugh at you! Adds to the humour of playing but after a while you wish you could shoot the dog! You only have so many rounds the get the ducks before they are all gone. You can also shoot clay discs.

The games sense of humour stretches further then just in the game. I'm pretty sure Nintendo put the laughing dog in to give you and whoever might be there a nice kick!

I'm not to sure if you can find the game now but if you can find it some where in your house you should pick it up and start playing. It won't keep you interested for too long but this is still a game you have to try!