One of my first video games. Such memories...

User Rating: 9 | Duck Hunt NES
The game is simple. Basic. To the point. Your cartoon dog walks out and jumps into the grasses, flushing out the ducks. You take aim, shoot, and if you're good, your dog will bag the panicky foul for you.

Sometimes I wish I could shoot the stinkin' dog, but whatever. I guess they didn't want any bad morals in the game. Anyway, it's the same level with the same tree and bush, but you try to get a high score every time. I gotta say that Nintendo did pretty well for making such a game that used a laser-sensed gun. Even back then, in the 80's for crying out loud! It reminds me of the Wii with the motion senser, but in a different way. I guess Nintendo wanted to re-create a console like that.

Well, that's about it. The clay shooting is fun also. You're looking over a vast mountain valley, watching white clay birds fly out multiple times, testing your aim and speed. Both games are fun, and if you have a NES, get it. Especially if you grew up with it.