It's Playable But The Learning Curve Needs A Little Ironing Out

User Rating: 6.5 | Driving Emotion Type-S PS2
For an early PS2 racing game, Driving Emotion Type-S is a decent racer and it does have a good selection of cars and races, but the races themselves require a lot of skill and tweaking to win. Once you get on the track and start a race, the hard-charging AI is the first thing you'll experience right off the bat. The physics and controls are also going to be a challenge for you as just one minor slip up could cost you the race. The AI is challenging to the point where you just have to keep up with them, or else you'll get left in the dust. If you're lucky enough to win some races, you'll eventually unlock other vehicles and tracks. (the cars are in tiers so you'll have a variety of cars for handling and speed) You'll also have the opportunity to adjust the parts/settings on your cars so it can help with your performance on the track, but you got to remember what you did to tweak your car if this helped you win a particular race, if you manage to win a race this way. I can't even figure out how to win a race, let alone how to tweak a car to help with the performance on the track because I kept running into walls and handle my car properly. The game and the cars do look nice for 2001's standards and the music is okay. Overall, Driving Emotion Type-S isn't too terribly bad, but it takes too much effort to figure out how to win a race, let alone tweak your car to properly compete with the hard-charging AI. If it had a proper tutorial and a more lenient learning curve, Driving Emotion Type-S would've been a more tolerable racing game.