Finally, a hard, yet realistic racing game.

User Rating: 7.8 | Driving Emotion Type-S PS2
Squaresoft is not known for its racing games, though Rad Racer still remains to be one of my favorites to date. This games is good. Not Rad Racer good or even Gran Turismo good, but definately better than all of the street racing games that are flooding the market and notably better than Capcom's Group S Challenge which was ok, but framerate was unbearable. The graphics for the time that this game was released were great. The interior of the cars were top notch and the lighting either from the dash or the lights outside of the cockpit were really well done. The cars looked good, and the courses range from amazing to great.

The driving model is a little loose, but this is the only game I have played where I have been challenged to actually race not just bounce of other cars as I turn the corner. The wall collisions though definatley need to be fixed. Hit one of those and you'll be bouncing around for the rest of the race.

Overall, the game is good. Not great, but an enjoyable racing game. It does require a lot of work to perfect, but overall a pleasurable cruise.