Great Fun, But With It's Issues.

User Rating: 7 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS3

Fun: 9/10, Superb

Technical: 4/10, Poor

Overall: 7/10, Good

I was really exited when buying this game. It was a Dragon Ball Z action RPG, both things that I love. Yes, this is an RPG, not a classic fighting game, so don't buy the game wanting one of those. all I could really think about was the fact that it was a Dragon Ball Z, Action RPG when I bought it, I wasn't really thinking about how good it may be. So, the question is, how did it stack up to my expectations?

When I first got into it, it was a blast, pure fun, and with no early obvious problems, like crashes. Well, although it was fun the whole time through, the no obvious problems, changed really quick. This problem started pretty early, the fact that it gets really laggy. When your doing a simple fight against only a few enemies by yourself, it's fine, but later game, it got to the point were it was hard to play. I've heard this is fine on the PS4 and Xbox One, but on PS3, it gets really bad. Usually this isn't too much of a problem, but sometimes it gets worse than trying to play Crysis on your school computer.

It's filled with glitches too. I've been hit by an attack that I sent out before, and most of the time evasive attacks that are meant to make opponents flinch, like explosive wave, don't make the opponent flinch. I've gotten the A.I. stuck in the top of arenas multiple times, and I've had times that I couldn't get to an enemy. Sometimes "can't be blocked" get blocked by a normal guard. I could list some more glitches, but I'll just leave you with this.

I feel as if I've been a bit hard on the game so far, but trust me, it's fun. Although you may have heard this a billion times, the story is a refreshing twist on the classic DBZ story that veterans have played though so many times. The combat is simple, but in a fun way, and just encouraged me to play more, as I knew I would never be annoyed by bad controls. A lot of attacks feel great when they hit an opponent, for instance, the Milky Cannon, which explodes on impact.

The character customization is great, as you can be anything you want to be. If you want to be a Namekian that kills Frieza with a Death Beam(as he did so many of your kind) you can. If you want to be a Saiyan, wearing kid Chi-Chi's hat and firing a special Beam Cannon at Piccolo with Raditz by your side, you can. If you want to be a Frieza Clan Member with sunglasses, Goku's Gi, and Gohan's Z-Soul, you can. You can have any clothing, any Z-Soul(Boasts that take place at a certain time) any abilities, and any build.

The grinding can sometimes be fun(although at other times aggravating) and every problem can be solved by buffing up your character(Take that as you will). I beat Cell no problem, but when I had to protect Trunks from the super powered Androids, I didn't have a chance. There are some exploits that would make the game easier if you choose to use them(Such as never letting a character get there footing, and firing as many ultimate attacks as you want as a Super Saiyan). You get some attacks from Parallel Quests. some from training under any character from the DBZ universe(Yes, even Hercule) and you just buy others. If you want to really have fun with the game, you can't just do the main story, as you'll get aggravated really quickly by you're character not being strong enough, and you won't have any really cool skills.

As I have already mentioned, there are Parallel Quests. You grind by doing these a lot, but if there is an ability that you really want, and there isn't a high chance of getting it, you may find yourself over leveled before you do it. Unlike most side quests, Parallel Quest are mandatory(Basically) to do, and I found them more like grinding than quests. There aren't specific quests for you to do for progression, but you will be forced to do them if you want to win the main battles. But although you need to do them, I found myself doing them even when I didn't need to, as they were fun. Also, there is a basic goal that you must do to complete the quest, and 2 side goals, that you don't know about until you do them, and if you do them, you get an Ultimate Finish, along with some other items. If you work hard to get an item, by doing ultimate finishes over and over, it feels rewarding when you get it.

Here are some nitpicks I had with the game. First, things don't always happen as you feel they should. What I mean is, Goku doesn't always go Super Saiyan when Krillin dies, and stuff like that. Also, when a character is your ally, they have a worst A.I. than when you are fighting them, and a lower level. Like my ally Gohan having trouble with Hercule, but my ally Hercule being one-shoted by Yamcha. Yamcha is not better that Teen-Gohan. Next, the camera angles and targeting are far from perfect. Lastly, a lot of the time, moves will act differently than they are supposed to, and will act different everytime you use them.

Overall, It's a great game if you want a fun experience, but you should most likely get it for PS4 or Xbox One. It's worth the extra ten bucks if it fixes the lag. Don't be expecting some great new concept, just a breath of fresh air from the classic fighting style. It's no technological innovation, but it's way more fun than most games this glitchy. Other than the tech problems, everything I've listed here (in my opinion) is good. It's for a specific type of gamer, as if you don't like Parallel Quests, you won't like it; If the Hub isn't your thing, you won't like it, and if you don't like RPGs, you'll hate it. I liked all of those things, so this was the game for me.