Found the game more repetitive and frustrating then fun

User Rating: 3 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS3

many of the levels are built to where you cant win them no matter how good you are unless your character is at a high enough skill level. and the only way to boost your skill level is to keep playing and failing the same level over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

.........skip the overs

again. this makes each level tiring and repetitive to the point where its really not any fun anymore.

if you plan on beating this game i hope you dont have any plans for like a month. the game designers really must love the smell of their own turds cause they wanted to make a game youd play forever....... just to beat it


I was ready to throw this thing back in the mail after a week.

THEY FORGOT THE BEAM STRUGGLES (my favorite part) when one character launches a Kamehameha and the other character launches one, they're supposed to collide in the middle where this big ball of energy forms, and you mash buttons or turn analog sticks till the ball goes one way or the other and explodes with major damage.... aahh =) must have slipped their mind =(

Character selection is So So their missing alot of supporting characters, debora, babiti, etc

transformations are weak since many of the characters you have to select pre transformed (weak)

your AI allies are always extremely weak, why is Brolly getting his butt kicked by Krillin, makes no sense since 10 minutes ago when you where fighting him he was practically invincible and all your allies do is get knocked out and shoot annoying non damaging ki blasts that knock your opponents out of your combos leaving you foing WTF I ALMOST HAD HIM!!!!! WHOS SIDE ARE YOU ON!!!! good help is hard to find

They went above and beyond to make sure you couldnt cheat (what happened to the good ol days when you just hit a button combo)

the controls weren't laid out very friendly, super hard to get used to, its like they just assigned random buttons

I love the dragon ball budokai games but the bad game design made me wanna throw my controller pretty much every time i played it, for that reason i give it a 3