I agree with Gamespot on their "fair" rating

User Rating: 6 | Dragon Ball: Xenoverse PS3

I enjoyed this game, but there are flaws that hold it back from being better than just "fair" or "okay" for me. First, the things they did right:

1. Story, I enjoyed playing through the story and from what I saw the accuracy from the Anime is spot on

2. Voice acting, Mostly all the voice acting is the same who did the English version of the anime

3. Customization, I like that you can customize your powers and such

The cons for me:

1. No map during missions (unless I missed it), this is annoying during multi-zone missions, you'll be shown the "portal" you need to go to next, for a brief second, but won't be shown where it is and it won't tell you which it is, which is annoying in areas with multiple portals. So you will frequently go through the wrong portal only to have to go back and then search around for the correct one. The NPCs have indicators over their heads but not the portals and you can only see the NPCs when you get close enough

2. Too grindy, I don't like how grindy some of the features of this game are. For example grind out to max levels to unlock masters, then grind out their questlines and "friendship levels", grind to collect dragon balls, grind to do everything. Too much repetition of the same tasks tends to make things get stale very fast

3. Controls and Combat, to me they seemed clunky and hurt my fingers after a short period of playing the game. As far as Combat, the difficulty curve isn't adjusted well. It's not gradual difficulty changes, it goes from being easy to being really hard in the span of 1 mission. In other words you'll finish a chain of story missions which were easy and then immediately the next mission and on the difficulty immediately jumps up by like 10x the previous ones. There are "charge up" skills in this game but they're made pointless way too often. What I mean by this is that while you have them good luck using them, as the NPC opponents won't ever stop attacking you for a second if you are on your own, so you can hardly ever use these skills to charge your ki. That's the other problem, the NPCs have way too unfair of an advantage, they gang up on you and can spam endless ultimate moves and attacks without ever having to pause to regain ki. In some missions you're left basically stunlocked, unable to move, as 2 or 3 of the enemy NPCs spam attacks at you that you can't recover from or run away from.

4. Online trophies, this is mostly a me only con since a lot of people aren't trophy collectors, but I am. Can we for the love of god please start separating online trophies from platinum requirements? This is the same with PVP trophies, as most of these online trophies tend to be. Please, enough with the online trophies being a part of the Platinum.