One of the greatest puzzle games of all time!

User Rating: 9.8 | Dr. Mario NES
"Dr. Mario" is an innovative and ambitous puzzle game, what made it an instant classic.

"Dr. Mario" takes place in a lab where an experiment went wrong. This is where Mario comes in to save the day.
The game's concept is pretty similar to a "Tetris"s game. Instead of completing lines, you will have to kill viruses by aligning 4 pills of the wright color on each one of them. Once you killed all the viruses, you will advance to the next difficulty level. If your bottle gets full of pills, you're game over.
The multiplayer mode is very similar to the single player mode, but it works like a tournament. The goal of the game is to win by killing all your viruses first, or by surviving until the other player is game over. The first player to win three times wins. What makes the multiplayer mode different to the single player mode is that a combo ( killing more that a virus at once ) will make two pill halfs fall at random positions on the other player's screen making it more difficult to empty his bottle.

The game's graphics are not exeptional. What makes the game worthy on the graphic part is the game's awsome presentation.

"Dr. Mario" features two different awsome sound tracks. The game also features limited, but very good sound effects.

"Dr. Mario" is anything a player could expect from a puzzle game and more. I suggest anyone that owns a NES to add it to is collection.