Dr.Mario. Kill the germs!!! Stack the Pills!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dr. Mario NES
Here is Dr. Mario, a puzzle game that has an interesting and appealing gameplay mode... but it lacks the "it" needed to be the new tetris.

Ok, here is the idea. Your screen is a tube in which there is a serie of germs. Each germ has a color. You must kill the colored germ with the correspondant pill. Sounds easy, huh?? Well, you thought wrong. The game is hard, and even harder than normal tetris, cause in every tetris you start fresh and you build your troubles and your fine moves; but in here, you start with trouble, and troubles grow exponencially with any little mistake. But let`s go to the basics and you will judge by yourself.

The game consists in dropping pills. Each pill consists in two units, which can be of the same color or two colors (think of it as a two colored brick or monocolored brick). Bricks dissapear if you stack 3 units of pills with the same color vertically in a row.

To kill germs you must stack units of pills of the same color of the germ to kill it.
At the very first levels you will start with only 2 or 3 germs, but as the game advances, you will have to deal with more germs, and even worst, germs AND pills in your way.

Graphs in the game are nothing to be surprised, like with music, but as an obvious point, this is NES, and besides, it is a tetris-like game, which doesn`t demand lots of graphs...

The game itself is excellent. Not as addictive as the original tetris, but a great deal, if you are into puzzles.