Gorgeous and slick

User Rating: 9 | Dishonored PC

I am a huge fan of all things steampunk, let alone games set in cities inspired by Edinburgh and London. Despite some contrary opinions around the web, Dishonored is the most gorgeous game I had the pleasure of playing to this day and that is saying something. The artwork, world design, immersion, characters are all so incredibly toned and vibrant, it makes you feel like being part of a visual novel. Topped off with slick, if a tad clunky, gameplay ( clunky as far as controls are concerned) Dishonored gives new meaning to the word "open-world" adventure gaming. I watched some "making of" footage and you can tell when playing the game they actually accomodated playtesters exploits by designing the levels around them and I experiencd that particular design aspect at first hand dozens of times when playing this game. Taking alternative stealth routes to surprise your enemy, taking a big bunch down face to face, manipulating contraptions to turn against their masters. It is a whole wide world of grizzly deaths that await your enemies. The story could have been better, the setting is strong and carries the Shakespearean tragic of betrayal and revenge, but all in all, it is literally just another version of good vs. evil. All in all, a fantastic game, one of the best I have played.