This game could be an excellent present for someone you hate.

User Rating: 2.3 | Die Hard: Vendetta PS2
It’s hard to understand why, but the worlds of videogames and of movies are so different, every attempt to create a good videogame from a movie, or a good movie from a videogame, until now has miserably failed…
Die Hard Vendetta is the evident proof of what I’m talking about, it was supposed to be a fps, it’s really one of the worst (THE worst?) fps for PS2.

Pros of this game: McClane’s witty remarks, they are as funny as in the original movies, and, in the Italian version, voice is performed by the original Bruce Willis’ dubber.
Language is violent and raw, full of swear-words, told both by McClane and by mercenaries: it gives more reality to this pale game, and that’s good.
Going on with the game you can unlock extra stuff, such as the making of (but who’s really interested in the programmers’ face telling what an awful work they did!?).

Cons of this game: all the rest! Sadly I must admit graphics are so bad and simpleton that I remember with homesick PSone, and even on it you could see something better; only people are decently created, with a sufficient number of polygons, but environments are terrible… the blood squirting out looks to be in pieces, the water looks designed with an axe, and forget any visual detail or effect (for instance, when shooting at the water you won’t see drops caused by bullets).
Another example: when you speak to other characters sometimes they don’t look at your face, you can stay in front of them, behind them, on their side, it’s the same.
Controls of the game are awful and I immediately hated them: fortunately exists the possibility of the auto-aiming and auto-jumping, but they make game-play less “funny”, if this is the right word for this game.
A feature I hated is the saving system: actually, levels are divided into three or four checkpoints, but you can save your progress only when you reach the end of the last one, and this could take many time (more than a hour), and there are some parts of the game when you simply go around as an idiot because you don’t know what the hell to do… and you don’t want to start again a so nasty game after switching off your PS2, because you look forward to finish it, so the game gets incredibly boring and frustrating!
Die Hard Vendetta is not quick and fluent to play: many times I found myself going around level without knowing what I was exactly supposed to do in order to complete the objectives, and it’s not easy to understand what perverse programmers’ minds thought! And there are some actions definitely STUPID and senseless: think about, if you were so unlucky to play it, the first level in Sierra Correction Facility, when the cop doesn’t see you if you DON’T close the door of the cabinet!!! I went crazy imagining I had to leave the door OPEN!!! What the hell smoked programmers!?
Another serious lack: there are very little weapons, basically Uzis and Automatic Rifle, and no one of them is funny to shoot.
Another obnoxious feature: saving hostages. It breaks the action and sometimes it’s terribly frustrating, because you could restart level if you are not quick or precise enough.
But… why am I wasting my time still talking about this rubbish!?
I want to say, for my justification, that I bought this nasty fps because it was cheap (now I realize why…) and because I enjoyed the Die Hard movie series.
But you are warned: don’t ever buy Die Hard Vendetta, it’s a total waste, of money and time.