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User Rating: 6 | Die Hard: Vendetta PS2
The Die Hard movie series have been put into videogames and computer games many, many times. Some of the game have came across as pretty good actually but the most part, they have been pretty mediocre and they could have been a whole load better. Die Hard Vendetta continued the thread in Fall 2002 when the game came out for the GameCube by Bits Studios. The PS2 port is basically the same game despite having a new multiplayer mode. But seriously, the game wasn't much cop (See? :)) when it first came out and it hasn't been enhanced in any way. If anything, the game has been downgraded as the graphic quality is worse and I wouldn't recommend Die Hard Vendetta, even if you are a great Die Hard fan.

Die Hard Vendetta takes place many years after the events of the films. The story is that John McClane is in pursuit of Hans Gruber's son because he has captured your daughter, Lucy McClane. There is some nice aspects to the story because of the time difference but the story is rather mundane and flat. You should really take too much notice to it and you should just worry about shooting bad dudes. There is many locations to fight in like movie theatures, museums, city streets and many more. That is nice variety.

The gameplay in Die Hard Vendetta is really basic and simple. John McClane basically has the best aim in the world by default. The auto-aim is just completely unbelievable. You really only have to look at your foes to aim at them. You don't really need to actually aim and your crosshair jumps from criminal to criminal while you fill them with bullets. This makes the game really easy and you can really blow through the game. It is actually quite fun but because the whole point in a first-person shooter is to shoot dudes and you actually want to get better and better at that. You can't do that in this game. You can turn the auto-aim off but then it is too hard to hit foes and you will feel frustrated that you have to go back to it.
There are some moments in the game where you take a break from shooting. You get to encounter a lot of innocents and they all interact with you. While the game does have a whole load of dialogue, none of it is that great. They never say anything that is really worth saying and they often get in the way in firefights. At times you will shoot them by accident and that isn't so much as a problem but it just sucks when you do, you get a big message saying MISSION FAILED. Not fun.