In 1996,i would've given this game a 9.5...BUT,it's 2010.

User Rating: 7.5 | Diablo PC
I admire the dedication of any player who still considers Diablo fun,or recommends it.I bought this game in early 97'...along with my blazingly fast compaq 233mhz.That old compaq is worthless know what i'm going to say? ...i'm not.

Diablo is still playable in 2010,but it's showing it's age.What was one of the first,and greatest online games to hit the shelf,is now a dated,copied,shadow of it's former self.The only reason i'd tell anyone to purchase this now ordinary game,is because it's probably $4.99 in the local bargain bin...i think it should be free,and maybe it is...i know better games that are.

The game only supports 4 as i remember,but it seemed like more...since players could come and go as they wished.Host a game,and you might see a dozen or more people enter and leave before you finished...i liked that.The game also had an onboard server finder,so firing up another program wasn't required...another nice touch.I'm sure i could blow the dust off mine,install it,and see a respectable gameslist on battlenet...i love blizzard.

The bottom line is,i LOVED Diablo back then,but i wouldn't waste the 500mgs of disk space to play it now.Sorry Diablo,sorry blizzard,sorry dedicated fans.