Simply put, Diablo is the King of RPG's.

User Rating: 9.8 | Diablo PC
Back in 1996, PC gaming was striving. More and more people were getting a "home computer" and getting into PC gaming. It was also a great year for PC stores and outlets, as mice were flying off the shelves at a satisfying (and alarming, if you were a gamer) pace.

All of this because of one masterful game: Diablo. Your mouse was in for one heck of a ride, and so were you. I remember spending a fortune on mice back then, destroying them by repeatedly clicking on the buttons as fast as I could... but I didn't mind one bit.

The premise of the game is very straightforward: You arrive in a desolate town, which was once beautiful and joyous but was destroyed by an evil predator named Diablo. You are tasked in helping to find and destroy this evil beast.

You had the choice between 3 character classes: warrior, rogue or sorcerer, each with their different fighting styles. As you would've guessed, the warrior is a good character to choose if you just wanna beat the living daylights out of the enemies. But if strategy is more to your liking, you would choose the rogue or the sorcerer.

What made Diablo incredible is it's random level generator. You could play the games 50 times and get 50 different level designs. Now that, right there, is replay value and made for quite a challenge. What made the gameplay exciting was trying to find the "super weapon" that was promised to you at the beginning of each level. Another interesting aspect was the online gameplay, which was in it's infancy back then, and was provided by the legendary servers. You could play with or against other people online... and that, back then, was simply amazing. I remember spending most of my nights taking on monsters with my buddies until the early morning light.

The simple point and click gameplay was very easy to pick up and understand (and was great at giving you cramps!). Graphics were amazing back in 1996, some of the best out there at the time. The musical score was great and really got you into the game.

All in all, Diablo is a classic game, one that should never be forgotten and should be played by all fans of action and RPG games, even if it's been almost 10 years since it's release... but be sure to have a good supply of mice!