The second installment of the Renegade Kid horror improves greatly in every way and somehow becomes even more beautiful.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dementium II DS
First: If you have not played Dementium: The Ward, pick up a copy now. It's not that you'll bee too out of the loop with the story ( It's still a bit foggy, but I'll get to that later... ). It's to support a still growing game company, to see how much work went into the first and improving it for the second, and to see if it'll be your cup of tea in the first place.
Second: This review might contain spoilers... Just fair warning... >.>

Now if you have played the first you already know you're William Redmore, you might have killed your wife and daughter, and you've had some kind of brain work done... Oh yeah and you're insane and being hunted by horrible monstrosities that may or may not just be in your head. Dementium II picks up right after its predecesor now in a jail right after "Phase 2" being started. Essentially the doctor's at it again and he's sending more of his ( or your's... Or neither... ) creations after you.

Now review time! Just a few minutes into the game and you can see some of the major updates to the game original formula. You can choose between three difficulty setting and you can crouch and jump! The difficulty essentially decides if an enemy stays down or get up again two to four or so times and obviously the ability to jump over obstacles and crawl under things adds a whole lot to exploration. There are updates to the original grunt enemies ( for the better ) along with all the reappearing enemies some with new attacks or spawning patterns. Plus the many more new ones adding even more verity and challenge. You now have to click an icon to reload adding a bit more tension during hard or flanked battles. Also you now have a separate box for your ammo and healing pills ( which you can now carry rather than backtracking and using them when you don't need them ) adding item box optimization to help figure out what you do and don't need. There are numerous save point "mirrors" to... Well... Save at scattered across the several terrains ( also new to Dementium: Outside! ). These make it a lot less stressful and annoying to start from the begining or quickly switching off your DS to go back to a save point at a doorway ( P.S. This system of saving is not in Dementium II ). Also you can hold a one-handed weapon and a flashlight *glares at Doom*.

There are ten weapons to collect and use ( for the ten weapon slots. How convenient! ) with a wide verity of uses and ammo capacities. The bosses each give their own unique challenge and fun. You get helpful hints from notes and postcards written from numerous people >.>... One of my few complaints is that although Dementium II adds a lot to what exactly is going on the story still seems a bit dry and need a lot more explanation about what has and is happening both in and out of William's head. Hopefully Dementium 3 will clarify all of our questions. The only other being the obviously lenght. I ran through twice on different difficulties in about twelve hours. That including several hours of be running around having fun and killing the final boss. The survival mode although a good idea gets dull after a few runs and it would have been nice to have some different kind of modes to add to the replayablility ( Boss rush, some kind of puzzles taken from the game, sound test, or just anything creative I'm sure Jools could have and or did come up with. ) But it's not the story or even the fun easter eggs that shine in this game. It's the engine. This beautiful engine runs sixty frames per second never having any slow down... ON THE DS!!! Yes, on the DS. The slightly older brother to the GBA that has a hard time playing MarioKart.

Overall I love Renegade Kid and all its creations and eagerly await the ending William deserves and the many other game I'm sure to come from the young company.