Dementium 2 improves everything that the first faulted on.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dementium II DS
Dementium 2 is a great first person survival horror game for the DS. By far, it has done everything that the original didn't do.

The controls are mostly the same, and as smooth and easy as ever.

The graphics for Dementium 2 are slightly improved, and can support a better creepy atmosphere than the first

There are much more enemies this time around, like large and fat monsters, around 20 feet tall that pack a punch. Bosses are also a lot more fun, and you have to mostly (kind-of) strategize on how to kill them. My favorite boss would probably be the second to last one. You'll see how it looks like when you play the game (I don't want to spoil it 8D). Thankfully, monsters that where really irritating in the first game aren't anymore.

Things improved in this game that weren't in the first game would be a new inventory system where you can store spare health and ammo. There is also a separate place in your inventory where you can store all eight of the weapons that you'll pick up along the way. You no longer stick in dark corridors through out the entire game. You'll go outside and be in scary, green tinted hallucinations through around half the game. The other half will be in the familiar dark hallways of the hospital. Voice acting is short, and unchanged from the first game. There's no more endless wandering and there's a new survival mode, that'll beef up the fun. Although the game creates a creepy atmosphere, there are absolutely no scares, but I can imagine why some people are. I'm probably just used to playing and watching horror games and movies 8D.