Terrible, simple as that!

User Rating: 3 | Deep Black: Reloaded PC
i played the game for about an hour or so, but it was enough for me. Game play is a Gears of War copy, but simpler and way, way worse. Weapons don't give a punch. The main character walks around as if he shat his pants. Underwater movement is another copy, almost the same as space walk on Dead Space. Combat is a joke, you only have to keep getting cover, over and over again. And the story? Confusing, unappealing and with a terrible start. The voice acting is terrible too. Once you kill an enemy, he screams so much it's almost as if he was angry by losing the game (and that happens underwater as well and I don't know how a person can scream that much underwater). I've seen better voice acting in porn movies, the tempo between what one character says and the response is all off, almost like one of those free half-finished MMO's. Graphics are, how can i say, "meh" and dated. I've given it a 3 because the idea was original at least, but it appears to be an unfinished game.