And the first nominee for worst PC game of 2012 is...

User Rating: 2 | Deep Black: Reloaded PC
I had been following this game for quite sometime, expecting a release in 2011, which never happened. I was actually quite surprised when it was released this March, having all but forgotten about it. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had.

I have at the time of writing finished 1/20 of the game, and I already feel suicidal (Mass Effect 3 was just released, calm down, calm down, think happy thoughts...) by playing this travesty.

Graphically, it looks aged, like 2007-2008. The screenshots makes it look great, but trust me, it really isn't. Dx9 tech, that's it.

Sound is meh at best. Weapons are okay, voice acting sucks, dialogue is even worse, music is either generic and repetitive, or so bland you won't even notice it.

Story is.... I have no idea what it is about. You get a cutscene of sorts in the beginning, with some subtitles explaining some different factions, I think the world is in civil war with some superpowers controlling everything... or something. You are a dude fighting for some dudes against some other dudes. And the dialogue is some of the worst I have ever read/heard. Cringe worthy, and not even the good kind of cringe worthy.

Gameplay is... quite awful. And only becomes more awful the more you play. You cannot remap controls. You cannot turn off aim assist, which becomes pure auto aim in spots for some reason. Dodge and cover is the same button and cannot decide between the two. You cannot sprint. Enemies (all 2 of them!) are extremely inconsistent, sometimes instantly killing you and other times being completely useless. Melee troops require 3 hits to kill you, whereas missile troops kill you with one attack. Grenades can barely be aimed. Shooting from cover is more accurate than aimed fire. You will get shot through cover if you reload or swap weapons. Objectives and environments (oil barrels and all!) are repeated over and over again. I have probably been doing the same thing in the same environment fighting the same enemies over a dozen times in 30 min, its ridiculous.

Maybe I'll just play it a little longer, just to make Mass Effect 3 seem even more appealing...