So fun and addictive, try it out

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
When i played it on dreamcast for the first time i loved it, the concept was genius, driving crazy around a city dropping passengers everywhere under timed conditions, you gotta love it.

I knew i had to get it as soon as it came on the psp. A real good investment into this game and should be tried out by any gamer who likes the racing type games. I highly recommend it.

My only criticisms would be that the controls are sometimes hard to get used to but as time goes on, it will be very easy and will become familiar to anyone. Secondly, the handling of a vehicle isn't great, could do with some improvements but that doesn't mean it should be taken seriously. Go and play this wonderful, exciting game.

Summary- Great gameplay, decent graphics, controls may take a while to get used to and sometimes difficult on turnings but other than that briliant game. How can you not love it?