This Is A Pretty Good Overall Game!

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
This Is An Overall Great Game..They Gameplay Is Pretty Good...There is a few things that SEGA Could of dont to make this game better...if you have ever played the classic version of this game then you'll really like this the game you can do A Crazy Hop where you can jump over Traffic..its really cool,and for doing it if you have someone in the back of the taxi,they will Spit out coins every time you do it..when you go really fast they will spit out more money..theres other awesome Trickys You Can Do!

This Game Is Only 29.99! and i think it could be just came out on August 8th!

Theres Crazy Taxi 1 And 2..Theres Different Characters in both of them..i like number 2 better i think the Characters are better and the cabs are better :D
Theres Also over 60 Mini-Games Included!

Well I Think Should Get This Game If Your Into Action Games At All!
I'ts Very Fun!