You have to love the concept of crazy taxi. Just a race against the clock game about bringing passengers to there spots

User Rating: 8 | Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars PSP
You have to love the concept of crazy taxi. In fact I loved it so much I had to buy it a 2nd time. I owned this game on the dreamcast, and now I have it on the psp. And in my opinion its worth having on the go.

The game might be a slight less speedy then the dreamcast version but it still runs great and is hard to notice a different in speed. For a hand held version it really does offer up the same experience. The graphics are there and the fun is too. Records are saved so you can keep coming back trying to beat your best score. And they even gave us all the extras from the dreamcast, o.k. maybe because its a port of the 2 games thats why were getting it, but no matter what still a lot of content for $30. If your looking to capture the arcade feel of crazy taxi on the go or just don't want to plug in your dreamcast this is a great option.