Good puzzle game for a busy weekend

User Rating: 7 | Contrast PS4

I played this game for two reason: 1) It was given for free by PSN as a consequence of buying PS4 and 2) it is short enough to give a try a game I haven't heard about.

It gives me a good impression, It is game with a story behind that is beating by solving puzzle over and over again. Most of the puzzles are extremely easy , some makes you thing and a few are difficult enough.

I am very glad of having played this game to give a rest of too much shooters game.

The only cons were:

1) It doesn´t look to give take any advantage of PS4 potential (not even PS3). It seems a HD PS2 game.

2) Some bugs like Frame rate drops and freezing sometime.

If you had this game for free I recommend to give it a try.

Thanks for reading.