Contrast unique gameplay and atmosphere are hampered by the game shortness and technical glitches.

User Rating: 6 | Contrast PS4

Contrast is a game that is as unique as they get with Indie development in mind. It offers a sad and mature story of a very young girl who is desperately clinging to the memory of her parents which appear to have passed away long time ago.

In her mind she had envisioned a woman that can attached herself to the shadows with the ability to platform on various objects while manipulating light sources. It is quite simple to be honest, yet very unique and majority of the time - fun.

The puzzles start of with basics principles and gradually increase with difficulty. There was maybe one time where I got stuck but after some time (and stubbornness), solution came to mind. The game offers very nostalgic and beautiful musical score, it has the 1940's-1950's vibe and it truly is a marvel to hear. The audio score is accompanied by gritty and dark visual style which does bring good atmosphere and immersion.

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Unfortunately there are few issues that keep the 15$ title from being a easy pick. For one - the numerous glitches are evident on far to many occasions, getting stuck on almost every angle possible near objects happens far to many times and if it weren't for the dash ability that you acquire early in the game, the frustrations level would had been much worse.\

The game frame rates are also very sporadic, on many occasions the game suffers from many slowdowns and frame dips. The developer should had done a much better job are troubleshooting the engine and working out the issues. On the final note, the game is very short. The three ACT'S can be easily finished withing 3 hours of gameplay.

In the end, it's a good effort to create a memorable and unique experience, however more attention to the game core engine needed to be addressed. Far to many glitches and game short single player experience aren't enough for me to recommend the it.