this game sucks big time from the AI and amount of hp you and the monsters have, other than that its fun

User Rating: 5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
This is a great game ,but what stands in its way is how much health the monsters you fight have ,your whole team of 7 including you can empty 2 clips of your weapon just to kill one monster and the monsters usually keep appearing in groups of 2 - 3 and they keep respawning ,and the monsters who has a range attack who shoot either bullets or rockets only fire on you and leave the rest of the team regardless of who you posses ,if u where black lets say theyll start firing on you and keep that until you die then they fire on the rest ,and if u change and posses someone else theyll instantly change the target to the one you possessed .
but you on the other side can die from an ant bite ,if some one shot a paint ball at you youll be dead ,the monsters health is like 2000 hp and compared to them you have 10 , one flamethrower monster can take u all and your team with a 2 second flame stream and then its game over retry level ,other than that the game is fun and unique and most fire arms have 2 weapon mods for example rifle and shotgun in the same gun