Love the game,

User Rating: 9.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
Story- Its a great horror story, but not the silent hill type, its not the get scared in the dark type, is the get atacked by alot of horrific monsters nonstop type.
I wont spoil the actual strory, because its great and it wont end as you would think. Also its longer then the adverage FPS close to 20 hours.

Graphics- They are great 2007 for sure, and it runs great on my Geforce 7950 GT OC, with all setting beside shadows on max, at 40-60 FPS. Lots of blood and gore, and the cool thing, (something i havent seen before) is that some of the monsters come really close (if you let them) to bite your head off, it looks awesome.

Sound- Now here is where the game excels, the voice acting is awesome, theres always some banter between the different squad members, so you never fell alone, also the music is top notch, between it and the roars and moans of the monsters it will seriosly freak you out.

Final Toughts- Its a great game, posible top 10 this year, if you were on the fence up to now, get off it and come play this game.