disappointing is all I can say

User Rating: 5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
I have played some really, really bad games, and this one is not the worst but it's in the top 50 worst games. WHERE IS THE HORROR??????? This game was not scary at ALL. I was expecting mobs to jump out from the shadows and crap like that, you know horror type stuff, nothing.

AI on teammates is laughable, even in the end battle when they say bullets are useless against the firstborn, they continue to shoot the whole time thinking that maybe just one of those bullets will get through, lol.

Anyway I see ppl giving this game a 8-10 score and man I must say this must be your first game, because this game no where near deserves 1 score above a 5.

The positives on this game was the magic system which I got a kick, out of, I played Church the most as the BEING A FPS, the shooting frankly sucked, I had more fun doing the melee thing with church. As much as I here ppl say the monster had over inflated HP's (and they did) the game was laughable EASY!!!! Church is by far the best toon in this game, here blood ritual plus her sword 1 shot kills, put up a bloodritual and kill the 3 closets mobs and repeat, was far to easy. Delgado was fun just for the gatling gun, just tearing through everything. The graphics were good the levels looked nice, poorly designed but they looked nice, puzzles were far to easy and so were the boss fights.

If you pay more than 5$ for this game you are a moron. Far to easy and short less than 6 hours gameplay on normal.