I went in expecting awesome mech combat, and got way more.

User Rating: 9.5 | Chromehounds X360
This game, though has a half baked, and pathetic single player campaign, deserves one of the highest rankings I can give the game. The single player campaign has one purpose, to familiarize yourself with controls, learn about the basic mech types which are Soldier, Sniper, Defender, Heavy Gunner (Artillery) Commander, and Scout. Each one of these is distinct from the other, and completly changes the gameplay for you. You can also unlock some useful weapons while playing through the campaign. But this game really shines through in the multiplayer. You join or create a squad, in this squad you will attempt to capture points on the map from the other opposing countries. Just like in real time war, the fronts change, territories and lost and regained, and elections. Thats right, you vote for a president of your country ever couple in game years or wars. Each president will have a different strat, like def v all, off v all, off v sal kar, and so on. You earn medals for achievmants, and earn ranks for participating in the war. Each country also specializes in certain weapon types, with new weapons being produced. The mech building is addicting, trying to cover weak points, and building the best mech for your class. You can buy parts, bid on parts, and then use those parts to build your mech. This game is also very tactical if you try and solo rush the enemy, without letting your allies know what your doing, be prepared to lose. Also if you are noob, the game offers the ability to fight online NPC Hounds, with a decent AI, though this will not count as much twords taking cities, it does help. And be sure to remember you also can fight other squads from other countries if you wish.

Overall for the 30 dollers you are gonna pay for this game, its well worth the money and be prepared to become addicted. I would reccomend this game to hardcore gamers, and casual gamers.