The best mech customization ever

User Rating: 8.5 | Chromehounds X360
I rented this game when i bought my 360 and will buy this game if i ever get to go online. The customization is endless(i had a sniper mech on the weakest set of legs). The career is mostly good to get you used to the six different RTs or Role Types. You have Scout, efender, Commander, Heavy Gunner, Sniper and Soldier RTs. The RTs are well balanced i think. Long range cannons take a little practice to master. Recoil really affects your mech as well. The lighter the legs the lighter the weapons you want to use. My sniper that i mentioned earlier, every time i shot the heavy sniper cannon the screen would move way left or right so i would have to aim a little to the left or right just to hit my target. This is really an online game so if you have Xbox Live and like mech games this would be a game for you. The customization is endless. Weapons, cockpits, generators, legs, accesories, even the color and camo of your mech. i even had a USA colored sniper mech. The game is at a cheap price but dont let that fool you. i havent seen a mech game that offers so much customization as Chromehounds.