One could not ask for a better stress reliever then CARMAGEDDON!

User Rating: 10 | Carmageddon PC
To think this game came out in 1997 yet is still so playable and satisfying today with its solid gameplay.

CARMAGEDDON is a pure visceral thrill ride of stress venting that leaves me totally relaxed afterwards with its amazing though exaggerated physics system as one crashes into oppenant's racing cars seeing them take physical dents along with falling parts damage from the high speed impact. Its great to see touches of realism like ones engine smoking after taking a headon collision. This same smoke will obscure your vision just enough to make hitting oppenants and pedestrians a bit more difficult but in a fun non frustrating way.

Enemy ai is very well done with them giving the illusion of having their own purposes. Sometimes they'll ignore you while going against other racers and other times they'll hunt you down for many a street city block especially if you just bumped into them "accidently" :D Pedestrians will scream in terror at your approach and will start running for their stinking lives when they see you racing like a bat out of hell down the street.

Graphics are sweet in their brutality. It is quite a joy mowing down an old granny in a walker who reminds you of a certain passive aggressive senior citizen we have all had to deal with. CARMAGEDDON takes the wait out of waiting for the nursing home staff to show up to take them away as they scream in terror before you pile drive them with your race car against a building wall sending guts eyeballs and entrails flying everywhere. Ooo and what a squishy sound they make as i run over their dead bodies afterward. Then theres the sexy boys...

Sound effects are top notch from the screeching grind of cars rubbing up against a building to the POW! of crashing into public telephones and street lights. Its a real riot hearing pedestrians death screams when scoring points for killing them along with time bonuses. If one does a fancy move or stunt while killing them one is awarded even more points and or cash. Hearing your character cracking jokes or cursing really adds to the sense of immersion.

A timeless classic full of black humor and relaxing venting still absolutely playable and still gives any "modern" racing game a run for its money.

Thanks Interplay and SCi for the endless fun :D