All You see... BLOOD

User Rating: 9.8 | Carmageddon PC
First I'd like to thank the makers, creators, and all of those people for creating this game.

Gameplay: 10- Awsome, Blood, Gore, Everything else you can think of. A downer is that you don't have a good grip or traction so you go flying in the air if you get hit

Graphics: 9- I love most of the graphics in the game, I don't own a Mac so thats glory but it seems to me that its made up of squares and thats all you see.

Sound: 10- Speechless, just great, It would be hard to do all those really realistic squishing noises.

Value: 10- Worth the money, 20 bucks then, Now... It's 5 bucks worth the money, Too Cheap for it's quality

Tilt: 10- Do not know what to say... Instant, Sticks out, I just don't know what to say.

So thats my opinion of carmageddon, Don't agree with me or agree with me, I say It's the best game ever created in the gamers dome of top games