Another console port.

User Rating: 2 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC
When you purchase this game don't expect proper keyboard support. Lef handed left out as the num pad dosnt function. Clicking additional buttons on my Razer mouse cause CTD. Pretty pathetic. I have to wonder if they actually try to boot up their games on a PC before launching them. Hopefully they get around to patching and my $60.00 is not out the window. By then, I wont notice the patch and it will never end up playing. I told myself after the last one not to buy their games again, wish I had listened. Buy it for a console, not PC. From what I saw of it while playing, it is on par with everything before it. Nothing ground breaking. Graphics far under great, sound was not quite where it should be, control felt slugish, really nothing good to say. Spend your $60 somewhere else or burn it, you will get more satisfaction.