Worst part about Black Ops II is not the game.

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC
I am a big fan of FPS games. Been playing them since the original Doom series. While the first Black Ops still remains one of my favorites, I had pretty high expectations for the sequel. I was very disappointed with MW3 and I must say that Black Ops II disappoints. Not in the way you might think. The game itself is good. Not great, but good. It is what you may expect from the series. A few different twists, quick match making, tourney ladders etc...The reason for the low score is primarily because of the people who play this. I pugged 3 different matches, and in all 3 matches, I left with bitter disgust. Behind the computer, we have 13 year old pimply faced nerds screaming profanities and the "N" word throughout the entire match. But seriously, in all 3 matches I played? This is one of the primary reasons I feel BF3 is much more superior. Not just in terms of playability and depth but the players themselves. It actually angers me to still think of my experience this morning and realize how broken this game and franchise is. This is the last Call of Duty game I buy. If you are one of these pimply faced kids reading this review, grow the hell up!! You break this game for people who spent good money buying it.