At this point i am just sick & tired of Call of Duty

User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC
Game wise, CoD delivers. And it delivers allot. The shooting is solid and the action is intense. With intense i mean on steroids and speed intens. I almost got nauseous playing the game.

All the characters speak as if they have to go take a **** really bad and need to speak as fast as possible.
If you take a shooter and add the speed with a factor of 1,5 you get CoD. It is just too much. Way too much. After playing all the previous CoD's this one feels tedious while being totally over the top. Basicly there is no pacing. It is just a rollercoaster ride you want to get off.

If you compare mcdonalds with going to a restaurant, CoD is the mcdonalds. There are a lot of flashy things, much choice and you will be saturated afterwards. But do you really want to eat mcdonalds? I know i don't anymore. The taste is fine but you just get the feeling you could have gone and eat better somewhere else.