It's a very easy and simple platformer, most suited to children.

User Rating: 6 | Bubsy II GB

Bubsy II is a standard platformer, with simple platforming themed levels, there are three different types of levels, but after the first three, the themed levels are all the same and there is no point of going on past the first three levels.v The three themed levels are, musical land, Pyramid World and a side-scrolling level where you are in a biplane. That is the best level theme in the game.

The controls are ok, but could be better.

The graphics arent very pleasing, they are very green! With the easy difficulty, it is something I would reccommend to young children. I think children could look past its faults.

The music will drive you up the wall, what there is of it. But if you really want to buy it, I wouldnt pay more than £5.00 for it

Gameplay: 6
Graphics: 6