This is the more broken version of the snes crap!

User Rating: 1.5 | Bubsy II GB
Bubsy II wasn't that good of a game. THIS GAME, however, is the nworst of the versions. The graphics are greem (if you havde a game boy color)! The grAPHICS stink There is nothing more frustrating asnd piss off stuff that can match this ! The music is just malfunctions. It's worse than cluking chickens drinking brain juice at 3:00 AM, while barbecuing 10 million tapes of Bubsy 3D which can still be heard when you cook them! The sound is so bad, I never made a complete sentence for this para
The camera and control are the worst on the game boy.

If you buy this game, you will throw it away in the dumpster, drill it, and throw a grenade at the dumpster, exploding into ashes and flames. It's like you've never bought the dumb game except there's no refunds! This game is , it doesn't have two of the 5 worlds included in the other ports. The game is the absolute worst on the game boy. If you play it-and I'm not saying you are-but if you play it, you will see why this game stinks a lot!