Oh noes, it's bubsy.

User Rating: 1 | Bubsy II GB
As a good friend of me, called Superlink911 said: "Oh no its Bubsy run everyone HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" he was so much right.

The game is god awful, NEVER EVER buy it, rent it or d\l it. You will regret it!!!

The game made me almost literally puke and I am NOT kidding. The graphics, the music and the sounds made me shudder, the levels are irritating and the controls aren't that good either.

But I must admit that I like the animation of Bubsy, I mean for a GB game, it's not bad...

This game is maybe even worse than Bubsy 3D. And that says a lot. I (or we?) know that Bubsy is a terrible franchise, but this is just downhill.

Besides, I think the ratings are way to "nice". I could already say it is overrated. Don't believe the ratings!!! What else shall I say that I haven't already?

Well my scores:

Graphics: 1.7 But only because of the animation
(even when it doesn't matter for a game IMO)

Sound\Music: 1.0

Leveldesign: 1.2

Controls: 1.1


Tilt: 1.3

Final score: 1.1 Well, I give it a 1.0, because I can't give a 1.1