One of the few games I still have in my collection for a reason - Brave Fencer Musashi.

User Rating: 9 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
Brave Fencer Musashi is one of the few Playstation 1 games still in my PS1 collection, next to Spyro. I kept it all of these years because I still seem to open the case up and play it once in a while. This review is to tell you why I still play once in a while and why I kept it in my collection for all of these years.
I'm going to start off with the graphics. The company who brought you Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Star Ocean, also brought you Brave Fencer Musashi a long time ago. That's right folks, Square Enix, and nobody ever blamed Square Enix for bad graphics, I don't think. Brave Fencer Musashi's graphics are great for the Playstation 1. The camera would be at an outer third-person mode and you'd be able to rotate the game camera around (in third-person, of course) and when it got time to switch to a locked camera, it would automatically do that, depending on the place you are at. The graphics would also remind you of a nice 3-D scale designed game. (8.0)
Next, lets move onto the music and soundtrack for the game. I had to say for myself, I loved the soundtrack for the game, especially in Meandering Forest. Other than that, the music fit what you were doing in the game and was great. (9.0)
Now, i'm not done with the music and soundtrack. There is a lot of dialogue spoken in the game by the characters. Of course, being the Playstation 1, the character's mouth wouldn't move when the character spoke (besides the end). But even so, the character's actually spoke! The dialogue had some humor at times that made my little brother laugh and made me chuckle, yet at other times filled you in with all the details you should know about. I like it. (8.0)
Now, of course, the gameplay and the game itself. I'll start off with the story. The story is that you (Brave Fencer Musashi) are summoned by the princess and her crew, which is called the Hero Summon. The reason you are summoned is because the Kingdom of Allucaneet is being attacked. Basically, you are given Fusion (your starter sword, glows blue) to go to obtain Lumina (secondary sword, giant, glows red). After that, you go through more to get back home. What is in that gap? Go buy the game to find out. (8.0)
I'm going to now finally fill in the gameplay, of course for last. The gameplay is great. You dual-wield two swords during the whole game and how you use them is practically up to you. Getting deeper into the game, you get the choice of using scrolls, which i'd like to call magic. The AI is just as an AI should be, not too challenging but not a one hit one death thing. You also get to use combos, of course, when you get deeper into the game. For example, one of the combos is you pick up the enemy, throw him into the air and use Lumina as a deathspike for the falling enemy. Also, the gameplay can get challenging at times. So I would reccommend the age group to play this would be T for Teen, or E10 for 10+, because the game COULD POSSIBLY get a bit scary for little ones with Vambees. I remember myself getting nervous when I would see one. Of course now I look back and laugh. Plus, like any other Square Enix game, there are bosses, sometimes challenging, but mostly hard. (9.0)
So in total, i'd rate this game an 8.5 or a 9.0.