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Brave Fencer Musashi Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Special Fan Art Picture

    Collect all action figures, including the special edition one. [This also includes finding all the Minkus and the Bincho Fields.] Complete the game. The ending will be like normal, but after showing the 'SQUARESOFT' logo, a 'Special Fan Art Picture' will be shown. The picture shows all the characters in the game and there will be a sentence which says, ''Perfect!! Thank you for playing!'' Save the game and you realise that the 'FIN' save will turn to pink.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  2. Getting Mom Minku Action Figure

    After finding all 13 minkus, go to the castle and talk to Shepherd Beefalo. He will tell you that Mother Minku is upset. Head to the entrance of the Meandering Forest to find Mother Minku. After defeating her, go to the toy store to buy Mom Minku action figure.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  3. Plant Regenerating

    Use your Water Scroll and shoot bubbles at the plants or the Hopper. They grow larger in size.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  4. Special Rewards

    Complete the game and watch the endings. After the credits end, the usual 'SQUARESOFT' logo will appear. Press the X button to save your game. Load this save file and you will restart chapter 6 so that you can discover secrets that you have missed earlier.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  5. The 6th Legendary Armor

    When you have rescued Weaver from the bincho field in Twinpeak Mountain and have the Legendary Cloth in your inventory, go to the castle and talk to Weaver. She will use the Legendary Cloth to make either the L-Quilt or the L-Glove. Choose which legendary armor you want and come back later to see Weaver to claim it.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  6. Cheaper Bread At Jam's Shop

    When you get to Jam's Bread shop, walk into the door, where the wooden floor is, as close as you can get before actually entering the building. Have Musashi sleep in that small area. When the bread shop closes, he will be shoved into the shop, and the whole buying scene will happen again. However, no matter what day of the week it is, Jam will always say, "Welcome! We're having a sale today!"

    Contributed by: FFOVGuardian 

  7. 'Special' Series Action Figures

    Once you've gotten to Chapter 6, the Toy store starts Selling 'Special' Series Action Figures. The following lists the requirements to get them to show up and be available for purchase.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game DLumina1
    Get Fusion and Lumina to level 30 DLumina2
    Acquire every Action Figure, including all the 'Special' Serires DLumina3
    Open every treasure chest, does include those at Soda Fountain, doesn't include 'Memory Boxes' Jon&Leno
    Talk to Farmer Lacter during Chapter 6 Kojiro
    Obtain Longevity Berry from all 13 Minku's Mom Minku
    Free all 35 NPC's locked in Bincho Fields Princess Fillet

    Contributed by: __digitek__ 

  8. Getting Princess Fillet Action Figure

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Rescue 35 people from the 35 bincho fields. Then, go to the toy store to buy Fillet action figure. Princess Fillet Action Figure

    Contributed by: YSF 

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