A great classic title that never gets old

User Rating: 10 | Brave Fencer Musashiden PS
Brave Fencer Musashi is a one of a kind hero, he is short, loud-mouthed and will slice you if you get in his way. The game starts with a kingdom being under attack when the king and queen are away and musashi is summoned to save the kingdom. This game has good challenges like puzzles and bosses and has good humor in the game that ties in rather than some games where cheezy humor ruins the game from time to time. Even with new games with greater graphics, Musashi is still a great game ive owned for years and still enjoy playing. In my opinion it was highly underappreciated and if it got the attention it deserved than this review would've been seen to many more than the very few who have heard of this game. I never saw any advertisement or promotion for this game, a friend of mine owned it and had gotten it from an uncle who worked at squaresoft, I played it at his house and thought it was a great game but had trouble finding it in stores, i also got a copy from his uncle, but it goes to show just how underappreciated it was that i had trouble finding it in stores.