Absolutely timeless videogame art

User Rating: 9.5 | Botanicula PC
If there ever was one game to make the case for "videogame as art" this is it.

Not one spoken word of english, not one written word of english - or any other language I know for that matter. Just top notch art work, music and a universal story about invading evil and 5 friends out to save the day.

Botanicula plays like nothing I've ever played except machinarium, also from the same developer. And it's so different from anything else that it actually initially gave me a headache while I was trying to grasp the surroundings and the way the life of a bug works.

Suffice to say though I came back for more, with a more casual approach, and had a great time.

The music, story, animation and puzzles are absolutely world class. It was a long time ago since I played such a well made and well balanced adventure game, I rarely got stuck for more than 5-10 min on each problem and that is just right. You try some things, you try some more things and then suddenly you get it. Just absolutely beautifully judged difficulty level.

This is a suberb game that is an instant classic in my mind and should be played be everyone - hardcore and casual alike. It might even convert some video game haters!