A piece of gum that's lost its flavor, but you chew it anyways

User Rating: 5.5 | Botanicula PC
What is "original" flavor? Is it just like sugar or corn syrup or something mixed in with some strange animal byproduct? I get that fruit flavors try to resemble the flavor of fruits (even if it is 1%), V8 Sperm Splash tries to resemble the magic of veggies, and the scratch and sniff sticker that I stuck in the card I gave my hot neighbor tries to resemble the smell of my balls, but what the hell is "original" all about? Was "original" flavor the first artificial flavor ever to be concocted? What came first the Rooster or the Cock's egg?

Botanicula is a point and click adventure, but then again so is looking at porn these days. So your job is to search for some things to click on (or just click on every piece of space possible). Find the right things to click on and bam, Bob's your Uncle, you'll be making more progress than a black dude on a date with your girlfriend.

While five minutes of a point and click game is often seen as dull to most of the population, even I managed to keep on chewing until the hour marker (Now only if I could get my hot neighbor to chew on my pointy thing for an hour...). The art style is pretty cool. Very modern, bright, unique and humorous. Experiencing it for a short while feels like a relaxing massage on the temples, but experience it for too long and you'll start having a migraine. Graphics and art style are friggin sweet but the gameplay doesn't make fireworks shoot out of your nipples.

Botanicula is cool but it bores me. This doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out, just realize that when you chew gum for too long it usually makes your stomach feel like dirty laundry.